14% of People Are Regularly Trapped in Boring Conversations, but Some Know How to Slip Out of Them

When was the last time you were in a conversation that was so boring that you stopped listening and just focused on how to NOT look bored out of your mind?  You know–like adjusting your posture, blinking the glassy eyes away…

A new poll asked people how often they get bored during conversations.. and almost half of us (46%) say it happens “sometimes.”  Another 31% of people say it “rarely” happens, and 5% claim they’re never bored.

On the flip-side, 10% say they “usually” get bored when talking to others, and another 4% say it’s “always” happening.

Old folks are FAR more likely to claim they RARELY get bored.  (Is this just a subtle way of grandma BEGGING you to call her?)

When we DO get stuck in full conversations, we’re not all great at wiggling out.

13% of people said they think they’re better than most people at slipping away . . . while 16% say they’re WORSE than most people at getting out.  45% say they are just as stuck as the rest of us.

Men are more likely to say they’re better at getting out of them than women.

For what it’s worth, when people were asked how often they think the OTHER person in the conversation is bored . . . the numbers were basically the same as the times THEY are bored.

So there’s a decent chance the other person KNOWS you’re bored with what they’re saying.  Are our lives and perspectives really that dull, or is social media just a SPOILER that kills in-person talk?

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