25% of Men Are Self-Conscious About How Their Hands Smell

I have some unexpectedly good news to share today:  Men are self-conscious about how they smell.  And what a relief that is!

In a survey of Millennial men, 72% said they’re anxious about how their body smells on any typical day.  52% worry that they have B.O. and aren’t aware of it, and 59% say they’d like someone to tell them if they smell.

The body parts men are most concerned about include:  Their armpits (71%) . . . their neck (40%) . . . their head and hair (39%) . . . their arms (30%) . . . and 25% of men said they’re worried about the smell of their hands.

We assume they’re worried about their hands smelling like sweat, dirt, or something else they’ve handled . . . and NOT about that overly-perfumed lilac soap in the bathroom.

The average man uses three hygiene products, like deodorant, to control their body odor.  Other tactics men use for limiting B.O. include:  Taking additional showers, changing clothes, and “limiting physical activity.”


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