2024 is already three days old, and if you’re like me, you’re ALREADY struggling with your New Year’s resolutions.  But apparently, some people haven’t even decided what they are yet.

In a new poll, 33% of people said they have made New Year’s resolutions.  Another 16% say they plan to, but haven’t gotten around to it yet . . . and 45% said they just aren’t doing the resolution thing this year.

In a separate poll, people were asked what kinds of resolutions they’re making, and the most common choices were:  Saving money, being happy, eating healthier, exercising more, and “improving their physical health.”

36% of people who made resolutions are confident that they’re going to keep them, and another 53% said they’re hopeful they can do it.

6% of people are ALREADY doubtful about their chances, and another 1% give themselves virtually NO CHANCE of keeping them all year long.

As for me, I find it’s easier to just… make resolutions revolving around things I already enjoy doing.  Because life’s too short anyway, right?  So this will definitely be the year I clear through my To Be Read pile!  …Right?

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