46% of Parents Say Gifts Are More Exciting to Them Now Than When They Were Kids?

A lot of older folks will talk about how things were better when they were kids . . . even though they had to walk five miles to school, uphill BOTH ways, in two feet of snow, barefoot.

But is it possible that the Christmas spirit is stronger these days?

In a new poll, 77% of parents agree that the holiday season is “just as magical now, as it was when they were kids.”  And 46% of parents say they think that gift-giving is even MORE exciting now than it was when they were kids.

They didn’t elaborate on that . . . so it’s unclear if the parents are more excited about the gifts they’re receiving themselves . . . or they mean it’s more exciting watching their kids open their presents.

And about 75% of American parents follow the same holiday traditions today as they did when they were kids.

Maybe they’re also rewarding themselves.  In a separate poll, 70% of people admit to shopping for themselves during the holiday season.

Others are passing on gift-giving this year altogether.  A recent WalletHub study found that more than a third of Americans were planning to forego gifts this year “due to inflation.”  Another 28% said they’d probably spend less this year.

Here are a few other stats from that study:

35% of people say “coming up with gift ideas” is the most stressful part of the holiday season.  28% say it’s the crowds, and 20% say it’s finding good deals.

23% of people are planning to make a holiday purchase based on social media.  It’s unclear if that’s taking the bait on ads . . . influencers . . . or just copying family and friends.

And 53% of people say they won’t let inflation affect their charitable giving.  The other 47% admitted that they might have to make cuts.

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