It can be hard to close off the world for even a few minutes–especially with smartphones–so where do you sneak away for a little “me time” when you need to clear your mind?

In a new poll, 52% of young women between the ages of 19 and 35 said TAKING SHOWERS is the only “me time” they get in a given day to “process their stressors, emotions, and the ups and downs of daily life.” And 79% of women say they’re in need of more “me time” right now.

The women say they can get bogged down by finances . . . work . . . and family stuff, and the alone time in the shower allows them to “let their random thoughts roam” . . . “reflect on the day” . . . and “think about memories.”

Here’s a novel idea–maybe we should help each other prioritize finding personal, unplugged time for everyone that CAN involve personal care, or just general rest.  It’s good for your mental health.  And it conserves water.


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