Here’s an “OK, boomer” smackdown.  Or, just another reminder that being a parent is a thankless job . . .

Almost three in four Millennial parents think they’re currently doing a better job with their kids than their own parents did with them.  73% think it’s true, and 88% say their parenting style is different than what their own parents did.

So what are parents today doing differently?  According to the poll, here are the top four parenting strategies we’re using that most of our parents didn’t . . .

1.  Gentle parenting.  A style that, quote, “guides children through the decision-making process, without the parent setting demands and rules.”

2.  Where we get advice.  24% have gotten parenting advice from social media.  But other than that, it hasn’t really changed much.  It’s only the fifth-most trusted source for advice behind family, other parents, friends, and parenting books.

3.  Being open about mental health.  Your own parents might have just said “buck up.”  But 80% of Millennial parents think discussions about mental health and emotional wellbeing are important.  98% are willing to talk to their kids about it.  Two-thirds say their own parents never did.

4.  Being present with your kids.  80% of Millennial parents claim they always try to prioritize their kids over work.  And 77% think they’re more present with their children than their own parents were.

Last couple stats:  A third of Millennial parents say they have to deal with their own parents QUESTIONING their new-age methods a lot.

But regardless of where you stand on it, most agree having kids these days isn’t easy.  43% of parents say they’re currently burnt out.

(Good to Know)

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