74% of People Say It’s “Not Acceptable” to Guzzle Gin & Tonics During a Virtual Work Meeting

Even though a lot of workers are back at the office, plenty of people still have virtual work meetings.  So what are the WORST things you can do during those meetings?

A poll gave people a long list of controversial behaviors, and asked people whether they are NEVER acceptable during a Zoom . . . always acceptable . . . or only acceptable for “informal meetings.”

In the end, having a TV on in the background was the biggest no-no . . . so don’t have whatever Netflix true crime favorite blaring behind you.  77% of people said that’s never acceptable.

Here are the other ones that a majority of people said were NEVER cool:

Vaping . . . 76% say it’s never acceptable.

Smoking . . . 75%

Drinking an alcoholic drink . . . 74%.

Having music playing in the background . . . 70%

Working on something unrelated to the meeting . . . 67%

Wearing sunglasses . . . 64%

Eating a meal . . . 61%

Wearing your pajamas . . . 61%

Having your child sit on your lap . . . 54%

Having other people in the room . . . 54%

On the other end of the spectrum, only 17% of people said it’s unacceptable to have a non-alcoholic drink, like water or soda.  53% said that’s ALWAYS cool.

Things that were more cool in INFORMAL meetings include:  Sitting on the sofa, sitting outside, eating a snack, and “having a pet sit on your lap.”

(YouGov.com has the full breakdown.  They also sort it by AGE . . . and people 65 and older are more likely to have a problem with ALL OF THIS.)

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