A Cake Comes with a No Face-Smashing Warning, Because It Could “Result in Severe Injury”

You’ve probably been to weddings where the bride and groom smear cake in each other’s faces.  And maybe you’ve heard of people smashing cakes in each other’s faces as a prank.  But it CAN be dangerous.

A bakery is putting warnings on its cake boxes, letting customers know that smashing cakes in people’s faces can lead to IMPALEMENT.

It says, “There is a clip in the middle of the cake board to keep the cake stable during transportation.  Behaviors such as traditional face-smashing into the cake can result in severe injury.”  (Here’s a photo.)

The bakery is a chain called Paris Baguette, and a spokesperson says they’ve been using the warnings for “several years” now.  They say the “caution” is just to “reinforce safety protocols.”  It’s unclear if anyone actually HAS been killed or severely injured by face-planting into one of their cakes.

By the way, the person who posted the photo online said, “The cake was tasty . . . we followed instructions.”

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