Don’t get on Alexa’s bad side.  She’s apparently got a lot of pull with your children:  A new joint study by researchers in Sweden, Germany, and Australia found little kids trust robots more than adults now.

They had kids aged three to six watch videos of robots and humans labeling different objects, and sometimes mislabeling them.

They labeled items the kids knew, like a brush and a ball.  But when they mislabeled less-common objects that most little kids wouldn’t know, the kids were more likely to trust the robot and to think the humans were lying to them.

Kids were also more forgiving of the robots when they found out they’d labeled something wrong, and more likely to think the humans did it on purpose.

Researchers also asked them who they’d prefer to learn from and share secrets with.  Most of the kids said robots for both.

Some of the older kids were more likely to trust humans once the robots were shown to be unreliable.  But they found that your toddler probably thinks robots never lie.  Or at least not as much as you do.

(NY Post)

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