A Third of Americans Think Doing the Dishes Counts as Exercise

I know a lot of little things add up.  But if this is the standard, we might all be 500 pounds soon . . .  A new poll of 2,000 Americans found a third of us think everyday chores like doing the dishes count as “EXERCISE” now.

98% of people say you don’t need to go to the gym to get a good workout, and 54% us NEVER see the inside of a gym.  But the average person still claims to “exercise” four times a week.

People were asked to name the top everyday tasks that count as exercise.  Here are the Top 10.  They start getting pretty iffy in the second half.

1.  Walking around your neighborhood.  74% say all the walking you do in a day counts as exercise.

2.  Taking the stairs instead of an elevator, 60%.

3.  Doing yard work, 59%.

4.  Cleaning, 59%.

5.  Taking your dog for a walk, 56%.

6.  Bringing groceries in from the car, 42%.

7.  Gardening, 40%.

8.  Taking out the trash, 36%.

9.  Stretching after getting out of bed, 35%.

10.  Doing dishes or a load of laundry.  33% think it counts as exercise.

(Study Finds / NY Post)

To be fair, all those things probably are exercise if you’re 78.  But if you’re 28, maybe push yourself a little harder . . . like, TWO loads of laundry.

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