Camila Cabello‘s latest era is quite the reinvention: These days, she’s a blonde who makes music inspired by hip-hop and hyperpop.  And she evidently realizes it’s a lot for fans to process, because in a new post on Instagram, she expresses her gratitude to them for sticking with her.

“I’ve been doing this since I was 15 years old,” she writes. “it’s very easy to lose your mind and i have a few times but my fans have been there beside me, loving me, rooting for me, and caring for me through it all. thank you for staying.”

“i am lucky that our connection runs as deep as it does,” she continues. “lucky that you know me like a sister.
that you love me like a friend. i won’t describe our relationship as anything other than love.”

Camila goes on to say, “i am thankful every day for the most loyal, fiercely loving people i have ever met and not met yet. i have seen many of you blossom from who you’ve been to who you are becoming. our coming of age stories are forever intertwined. and in the book of my life thank you for signing your names over and over.”

She concludes, “i will forever sign my name in the book of your life with the most care and tenderness. C, xoxo.”

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