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VIDEO: Jennifer Lopez Almost Breaks Co-Stars Nose On Set

It’s not every day that you think of Jennifer Lopez nearly breaking a co-stars nose… but it…

Take A Look At The Schedule For Shark Week Which Starts Sunday on Discovery!

Shark Week 2019 kicks off this Sunday with over 18 new specials and also Discovery’s first original…

Woman Gets Flesh Eating Bacteria From Norfolk Beach!

If you’re heading to the beach anytime soon beware! “I was just like, ‘Oh my goodness… my…

WATCH: First Trailer For ‘Cats’ With Taylor Swift

I must admit that the buzz about this trailer being a little weird is true. What do…

WATCH: Dog Rescues Abandoned Baby In Argentina!

This dog deserves ‘mother of the year’ she rescued an abandoned baby and saved it from dying!

Deadly Tick Borne Illness Has Spread To Virginia

This could get very serious this summer! Please make sure you check for ticks regularly! Deadly Tick-Borne…

New ‘Walking Dead’ Series Is Filming In Richmond And You Could Be IN THE SHOW!

WELL Walking Dead fans now is your chance to be IN the show! The New Series will…

WATCH: Rihanna & Seth Meyers Get Their Drink On!

It’s not everyday that you see Rihanna kicking loose and having a drink!

WATCH: Ed Sheeran’s Heinz Ketchup Commercial Is Here!

I never thought that I would get so excited for a KETCHUP commercial…. but I am!

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