Dictionary.com just added 327 new words and terms, including a bunch Gen Z likes to use.  Whether or not these are legal in games of Scrabble your parents rope you into is another matter entirely.  Here are the highlights . . .

1.  Bed rotting.  The practice of spending many hours in bed during the day, often with snacks or an electronic device, as a voluntary retreat from activity or stress.

2.  The ick.  A sudden feeling of disgust or dislike, often in response to the actions of another person.

3.  Mid.  Mediocre, unimpressive, or disappointing.  If you’re any of those things, you’re mid.  But things like movies and shows can also be mid.

4.  Bussin’.  Great, wonderful, or amazing.  Like the opposite of mid.

5.  Boobne.  (boob-nee)  Pimples or a rash caused by your bra.

6.  Barbiecore.  Pink outfits, accessories, and décor that celebrates Barbie.

7.  Girl dinner.  An often attractively presented collection of snacks that involve little preparation.

8.  Cheat code.  Like a hack.  A ploy or technique that bypasses traditional methods or rules.

9.  Range anxiety.  The fear that an electric vehicle’s battery will run out of power before you get to where you’re going.

10.  Shacket.  A mashup of “shirt” and “jacket.”  It’s a, quote, “garment in the style of a button-down shirt, made of a thicker fabric and usually worn over other shirts.”


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