Did You Say “I’m Irish”?

Did you brag about being “Irish” yesterday . . . or maybe you slurred it after your sixth green beer?  Turns out a lot of people who are ACTUALLY Irish don’t love that.

A poll for St. Patrick’s Day asked 1,000 people in Ireland HOW Irish you have to be before you can tell people, “Yeah, I’m Irish.”

America is a big melting pot.  So it’s common to hear people say “I’m Irish” or “I’m Italian,” even if they were born in Kansas.  But here are five scenarios and what people in Ireland think . . .

1.  At least one of your great-great-grandparents was from Ireland:  Only 18% of people there think it’s okay to say you’re “Irish.”

2.  At least one great-grandparent:  24% say it’s okay.

3.  At least one grandparent:  33%, so a third are cool with that.

4.  At least one parent is from Ireland:  47% say it’s okay.

5.  Both parents were born in Ireland:  Still, just 61%.  So a lot of people in Ireland don’t think you should EVER say it unless you’re actually from there.


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