Have you felt the urge to flush a toilet with the lid CLOSED… whether it’s a gross public restroom where someone else didn’t flush… or YOU just did some major damage at home?

Well, bad news:  It’s doesn’t matter.  Flushing is a messy process, regardless.

A team of microbiologists from the University of Arizona put out a new study, and there’s not much difference whether you leave the lid up or down.

Either way, the powerful whoosh sends viral particles and germs shooting into the air, and onto the floor and other nearby surfaces.  They do say closing the lid can reduce “the bigger particles that come flying out.”

The only meaningful way to reduce the spread of viral pathogens is to regularly CLEAN and sanitize your toilet and the surrounding area often.

Experts recommend putting toothbrushes away and not leaving them out, as well as cosmetics that you apply to your face.  And yeah, they’re once again reminding us NOT to handle our phones while using the toilet.

(USA Today)

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