Eminem Drops New Album!!

This is how you know their are certain people that live on Mount Olympus. While at least in the music world. You’re not going to see any actors or directors just dropping movies for us to watch. There will be some type of promotion, trailer, or pics for it. As for the music industry, it is almost a regular thing now for your elite favorite artist to drop a whole album out of nowhere. FRFR it was no surprise to me that Mr. Marshall Mathers put out a new album suddenly. A few signs are complete radio silence. They’ll drop off the map for some months, then BOOM. WHERE TF THIS ALBUM COME FROM?!?! LOL

I’m a fan, but not a Stan. Listened to it and its definitely dope! Check out Em’s tweet to listen to some clips and to see his instructions about the album, lol.



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