Even With An Extra Hour of Sleep, We Never Wake Up Feeling Refreshed?

Daylight Saving Time is ended this past weekend, which means you got an extra hour of sleep on Saturday night.  Right??

That’s GOOD . . . because in a new survey on sleep, 21% of people say they “rarely or never” wake up feeling well-rested.  That usually means you actually AREN’T well-rested.  You’re not spending enough time in bed . . . or you aren’t getting enough quality sleep when you are.

People were asked about their “worries” at bedtime that might be keeping them up, and inflation is #1 for the second year in a row.  Covid is second, followed by gun violence . . . climate change . . . and politics.

Our #1 worst sleep habit is:  Going to bed at different times every night.  The second-worst habit is “screen-time in bed” . . . followed by eating too much right before bed . . . falling asleep with the TV on . . . and pulling all-nighters.

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