Friday Is America’s Favorite Night for Pizza! But What Are the Worst Possible Toppings?

Is Friday pizza night for your family?  If so, you’re in line with what the average American is doing.  Pizza Hut’s annual “Pizza Report” found Friday is the most popular day of the week to order.

Here are a few stats on America’s pizza-eating habits, including the WORST possible toppings to try . . .

1.  The average person has pizza three times a month and eats a total of eight slices.  The top pizza-eating states are North Dakota, New York, Minnesota, and Wisconsin.

2.  Thin crust is now our favorite type, getting 28% of the vote.  Stuffed crust is next with 20%, and then thick crust at 14%.

3.  The most popular thing to dip it in is ranch.  It’s followed closely by garlic sauce.  Hot sauce is a distant third.  (Did they not include marinara as an option?)

4.  New York-style is the most popular type of pizza, followed by Chicago-style.  Only three states prefer something else:  Detroit-style in Michigan . . . St. Louis-style in Missouri . . . and people in California supposedly prefer California-style pizza with non-traditional toppings like avocado and arugula.

5.  The most frequently ordered topping is still pepperoni.  But what’s something that should NEVER be allowed on pizza?  The top answers were:  Fish . . . beets . . . blueberries . . . plums . . . and kiwi.  10% said no toppings should be banned.

6.  Last stat:  One in four think a pizza-flavored COCKTAIL sounds like something they’d like to try.

(PR Newswire)

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