Friday Set a New All-Time Record for Air Travel in the U.S.

We told you so!  Memorial Day Weekend?  One of the busiest traveling holidays of the year!  I’m glad the numbers proved us right!

On Friday, the TSA said it screened 2.95 million airline passengers . . . a new record for the most ever on a single day.  They haven’t said how many people flew yesterday.  The previous record of 2.91 million was set back in November.

The airline industry is anticipating a record summer travel season, with an estimated 271 million passengers . . . up 6.3% from last year.

In Atlanta, the world’s busiest airport had its busiest day ever (to the surprise of no one, I’m sure).  The Atlanta International Airport broke a traffic record on Thursday when 111,000 passengers, crew, and airport employees were screened at security checkpoints.

The second-busiest day followed on Friday, when just under 110,000 were screened.

(Yahoo / NBC Philadelphia)

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