Gen Z Workers Think Being Five to 10 Minutes Late Is “On Time”

If you’re supposed to be at work at 9:00 A.M., what time do you get there:  8:45 . . . 9:00 . . . 9:05 . . . 9:15 . . . or “it’s anyone’s guess”?

According to a survey, ALMOST HALF of Gen Z’ers between ages 16 and 26 believe that being between “five and 10 minutes late” is essentially the same as being “on time.”

The importance of punctuality increases as you get older . . . because you become sick of people thinking their time is more important than yours.  (Or because you’re getting closer to dying.)

40% of Millennials said they’re forgiving of colleagues running 10 minutes late . . . but just 26% of Gen X’ers are okay with it.  And a whopping 70% of Boomers say they have “zero tolerance” for any lateness.

(New York Post)

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