Getting Dumped? It’s the Top Day of the Year for Breakups!

If the person you’re with texts and says, “Can we talk?” today, brace yourself.  You’re more likely to get DUMPED today than any other day of the year.

December 11th was dubbed “Breakup Day” back in 2008 after someone analyzed Facebook status updates, and found a ton of people break up exactly two weeks before Christmas.  It also found there tend to be more breakups on Mondays in general.  So the 11th is a double-whammy this year.

Experts think there are a few reasons for it:  The holidays are stressful, you might be having second thoughts about the person meeting your family, and a surprising number of us will break up just to get out of buying someone a gift.

Turning the calendar also represents a fresh start for a lot of people.  So if things aren’t going well, it may feel like a natural time to cut your losses and move on.

The day of the year you’re LEAST likely to get dumped is Christmas Day, because that’s just cruel.  But don’t assume you’re safe if you make it to the 25th.

A poll found some of us also AVOID breakups this time of year, so we’re not alone for the holidays.  But on the 26th, breakups will start trending up before peaking again in March.

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