We’re one step away from Google being able to let you know when to BAIL on that phone call with your mother-in-law.

Google is developing an A.I.-powered scam detection feature for Android.  It works like this:  Gemini Nano . . . a local, offline A.I. model . . . will monitor calls from unknown numbers, and notify you of RED FLAGS.

The system listens for “conversation patterns commonly associated with scams” in real time . . . and will alert you NOT to provide any sensitive information on this call.  It can even advise you to hang up.

It’ll be an OPT-IN feature, which also means that the people most vulnerable to scams would have to turn this feature ON to have the protections in place.

Still, some people have privacy concerns.

(As if your phone . . . and all your smart devices . . . aren’t ALREADY “listening” to you to some degree.)

For what it’s worth, this A.I. system works offline on your device, so despite the “listening,” no information will be transmitted to any servers or clouds.  It just tips you off that a caller is using scam-like language and tactics.

No specific release date has been set for this feature.  Google is expected to make a formal announcement about it later this year.

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