Have you ever accidentally left something behind at a hotel and thought, “Well, that will probably seem STRANGE to whoever finds it!”

A travel company has released a list of the “weirdest items left in hotel rooms” last year, and there’s some fun stuff on it.  Here’s the Top 10:

1.  Dentures

2.  Witchcraft paraphernalia

3.  Prosthetic limbs

4.  A glass eye

5.  Grandma’s “lucky” tea cup.  (It’s unclear if the “lucky” thing was written on the cup or if that’s a reference or euphemism that I don’t understand.)

6.  Thousands of German marks, which was the official currency of West Germany and the unified Germany until the adoption of the euro in 2002.  Even crazier:  They were stashed behind a toilet water tank.

7.  A clown costume . . . a full costume including shoes, wig, and a red nose.

8.  An inflatable boat

9.  Caviar

10.  Rosary beads.

As you might imagine, more COMMON things that are left behind include:  Clothing, wallets, keys, wedding rings, and photographs.


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