How Mad Would You Be If Someone Else Showed Up With Your Costume Idea?

With so many Ken and Barbie costumes coming, this seems even more likely than usual:  If you show up to a Halloween party–and someone’s wearing the SAME COSTUME as you–what’s your reaction?

Someone polled 2,000 Millennials and Gen Z’ers:  22% said they’d be legitimately upset, especially if the other person’s costume was better.

25% said they’d probably just make a joke about it . . . 12% would take it as a compliment . . . and 10% would secretly be embarrassed.

Here are a few more neat costume stats:  57% of people at parties will check throughout the night to see if their costume needs any touch-ups.  41% will potentially head out early if their costume gets messed up.

And not shocking:  The older you are, the less seriously you take all this.  Young people were more likely to say they take Halloween VERY seriously.  As we should!  It’s the most creative holiday of the year!

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