How Much of What You See on Social Media Is Real?

If social media isn’t addictive, then why do we spend so much time looking at it . . . even though we know that MOST of it isn’t real?

A new survey found that Americans believe only 37% of the content on social media is “real.”  That includes struggling to separate authentic images from the ones with hidden filters, Photoshop, and other edits.  But it’s more than that.

People are skeptical of targeted advertisements . . . as well as “influencer content,” like those products that can be pitched as friendly tips and hacks, but are actually scripted paid promotions.

There’s also the “businesses” that friends and followers try to sell you on, which are often pyramid schemes, bots, and spam profiles.

Overall, 74% of Americans admit they can’t always tell what’s real and what’s fake, and 71% of people think it will get harder to determine what’s real and what’s not over the next 10 years, with A.I. and other technology.


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