It’s a Friday, and we aren’t going to achieve world peace today.  We probably didn’t even achieve lunch.  So, let’s just forget about anything important, and pose THIS random question:

How do YOU write an uppercase ‘E’?

A new poll asked more than 1,600 people, and the most common answer was:  Make a vertical line, then three horizonal lines.  42% of people do it like that.

27% of people make “a square, unrounded ‘C,’ and then add the middle line.”

25% of people make “an ‘L,’ and then add the other two horizontal lines.”

7% of people make “an upside down ‘L,’ and then add the other two lines.”

And 13 people, or less than 1%, claim they make the three horizontal lines first, then go back and add the vertical line.

The one that WASN’T an option?  Making a backward ‘3’ . . . top to bottom, all in one stroke.  Someone said that’s, quote, “The most atrocious to read, yet easiest to write.”  BUT it’s also the closest to how you’d make a CURSIVE E.


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