Today, I officially registered for the Semper 5ive! I’ve got less than a month to get back into running and I’m excited but soooo nervous! I was doing so great running every other day, picking up speed and making good time. AND THEN I BOUGHT A HOUSE AND MY LIFE GOT CRAZY! I’ve run once in the past month which is not helping the cause.

Sooooo….I decided if I didn’t go ahead and register, I would keep putting running on the back burner. So here we are. No matter what, I’ll get that medal (because lets be real, that’s what we all want right?!) but I’m vowing NOW to get back to running! I have a beautiful NEW neighborhood to run around and explore so here we go!

Also, I run super slow, so if you want to run or walk with me, do it! I have some FREE entries for the Semper 5ive! Shoot me an email [email protected] and I’ll hook you up!

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