Italy Is Being Rocked by the “Pineapple on Pizza” Debate

Italy is in meltdown right now after PINEAPPLE just showed up on the menu at a well-known pizza place.  It’s become an acceptable topping for a lot of Americans, but most Italians still passionately disagree with that.

A highly respected, third-generation pizzeria owner named Gino Sorbillo just decided to challenge that trend by adding it as an option at his restaurant.

To be clear, it’s not the first time someone in Italy has put pineapple on a pizza.  Other places have done it.  But it’s a big deal because his restaurant is in the heart of Naples, the “pizza capital of the world.”

He says he’s doing it to “combat food prejudice,” and that it annoys him when people, quote, “follow the crowd and condition themselves according to other people’s views.”

That said, he’s not selling what we’d call a “Hawaiian pizza.”  His has three types of cheese, the pineapple is cooked twice to give it a caramelized taste, and the biggest difference is it’s a “white pizza” with no tomato sauce.

Gino says tomatoes are a fruit, and you should never have two fruits on a pizza.  It makes everything too acidic, and, quote, “wouldn’t be a good product.”

In other words, pineapple on pizza is okay.  But if you’re just tossing it on your normal order from Domino’s, he thinks that’s trash.

But speaking as a dopey radio DJ, I think my opinion’s just a liiiiiittle more valuable here–and I say pineapple on pizza in general is an abomination in the eyes of the Lord.



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