Let Harry Styles lull you to sleep with a house-themed bedtime story

y James Devaney/GC Images

Harry Styles is the latest celebrity to record a bedtime story for the British kids’ TV channel CBeebies. For his story, he really leaned into his Harry’s House theme by reading a book by Jess Hitchman called In Every House, On Every Street.

In the sweet video, Harry, wearing brown and blue polka-dot pajamas and a beaded necklace, opens by saying, “Hi, I’m Harry. Welcome to my house. I love it here. I like to listen to music and read and hang out with my friends. Tonight’s story is about a house full of love and laughter.”

Harry goes on to read the story, which features a kid who takes readers through each room in his house, pointing out all the special things that he and his family do there, and wondering if other people’s homes are just as special.

After declaring that he loves the story, Harry notes, “It doesn’t matter if you live in a house, a flat or a boat — it’s love that turns wherever YOU live into a home.”

You can watch it now on YouTube.

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