Millennial Junk: The Top Things Your Kids Will Toss When You Die

The stuff we hoard today is a little different than what our grandparents refused to throw out.  Things like baseball cards and figurines have given way to old video games and Beanie Babies.  Someone asked people to name things Millennials save that their kids will immediately toss as soon as they die.  Here are some fun ones . . .

1.  The box your phone came in.  We save it in case we want to sell the phone when we get a new one.  And because those boxes are just really nice, right?

2.  The box of random cords and dongles you’ve saved your whole life.  Even now, half of them are cords no one uses anymore.

3.  All those rubber bracelets promoting different charities and causes.  Your old yellow “Livestrong” one might still be tucked in a drawer somewhere.

4.  That Dave Matthews Band shirt you stood in line for at a concert in 2001.  There are going to be SO many of those t-shirts at Goodwill someday.

5.  The hundreds of plastic shopping bags you’ve saved up.  Everyone’s got at least one bag stuffed with more bags, just in case.

6.  All the DVDs you’re still saving.  And you don’t even have a DVD player anymore.

7.  All that old makeup you’re still hoarding.  Most cosmetics are supposed to be tossed after a few years at most.

8.  Your collection of thermoses and water bottles.  Why so many?

9.  The random workout gear you never used.  You thought the Ab Roller was it until you heard about the Shake Weight . . . and then you tried P90X for one day.

10.  Those jeans you swore you’d fit into again someday.  Never happened.


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