Millennials Are the Generation Most Likely to Throw Out Trash?

If there’s one chore you can count on Millennials to do, it’s THROWING OUT THE TRASH.  And not in the actual, taking-out-the-garbage sense . . . in the Marie Kondo sense.

In a survey on “sustainability,” Americans were asked to give themselves a GRADE for their efforts to be environmentally-friendly . . . specifically by reducing, re-using, and recycling in the kitchen.

Only 11% of Americans would give themselves an A+ . . . while 23% of people would give themselves a C or lower.

Millennials were the generation most likely to give themselves an A+ . . . but they’re also the group that averages the MOST trash.  The average Millennial throws 15 things away per day, compared to the overall average of 12.

It’s possible that Millennials are just better at DECLUTTERING the things that aren’t bringing them joy . . . but the survey was geared around reducing waste.

Overall, 77% of people say they’re trying to be as wasteless as possible.


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