My Non-Birthday, Birthday!

So I need to tell you all this funny story. Tomorrow is my birthday, hooray! But it was also my birthday on November 1st.

Let me explain 🙂

Back in July, our bosses birthday happened to be on Friday the 13th. DJ 2Much, we all know he loved to play around, totally toilet papered our bosses office and covered it in spooky pictures and it was hilarious. But also a big gigantic mess of TP!

He said to me, when’s your birthday, you’re next.

No I’m not, I race to Facebook to change my date of birth so he can’t figure it out. I change it to November 1st. (See where I’m going with this.)

On Halloween, I was out hosting Brock’s Freak Ball and stayed with a friend in town that night. I wake up on the 1st to a giant Birthday balloon, a cupcake and my phone blowing up with birthday messages.

Being a tad hungover, and really confused, I’m like hello, it’s not my birthday. That’s in a couple weeks.

I quickly go to Facebook and realize my error. I forgot to change my birthday back to the real day. Whoops.

I head downstairs to my friends kitchen where she says Happy Birthday, I’m like yo it’s not my birthday today and explain what happened.

Shortly after, I get a text from my dad. He’s like ummm, your birthday is not today.  Yeah, no kidding.


BUT TOMORROW IS MY REAL BIRTHDAY AND WE’RE GOING TO PARTY ALL DAY! Go to our new app, (just search Live 99.3 on our app store) click on Open Mic, and leave me a message of what you want to hear tomorrow! Yay!



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