One in Five Online Daters Lie About Their Age, Plus Six More Lies We Tell

Imagine meeting someone online, getting married, and having to keep this LIE up your whole life . . .

A poll of 1,000 online daters found one in five have lied about their AGE.  21% of people admitted to it, including 19% of women and 23% of men.

One in eight have also lied about each of these five things:  Their height . . . their income . . . their job, or lack thereof . . . their dating history . . . and their CURRENT relationship status.

One in seven have even lied about their hobbies just to seem more attractive.  (Like, “I’m totally into paddle boarding” . . . but you’re actually into watching Netflix with your five cats.)

The poll found the most popular dating apps in 2024 are Tinder, Plenty of Fish, and Bumble.  And active online daters spend an average of 51 minutes a day swiping through potential partners.

Around 75% said they commonly feel burned out by the whole experience.  The top three reasons are not finding “a good connection” . . . constantly feeling “disappointed by people” . . . and being rejected too many times.


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