HEY I don’t want to alarm anyone, but we’re three weeks from Valentine’s Day; and if you don’t want any drama, it might be a good idea to get a sense of the ground rules with your significant other.

Specifically:  How much are we spending?  According to a new report, the average American in a relationship thinks they should spend around $158 on their significant other.

But on the flip-side, about 30% of people in relationships say they’re NOT planning on spending money on Valentine’s Day this year, because it’s too expensive.  Of course, there ARE still other ways to celebrate.

But it’s all about expectations.  For people who WANT their partners to spend money on them, 21% said that if they found out they weren’t getting anything, they would just buy something for themselves instead.

17% would insist that the other person “make up for it another time”… 16% would give their partner the silent treatment… 10% would respond by shutting down any Valentine’s Day plans altogether…  And 10% would use this opportunity to BREAK UP with their significant other.

This is an especially tricky time for younger adults.  Gen Z and Millennials say they feel more pressure to spend, and they’re also more likely to report that they’ll need to go into debt to some degree to afford it.


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