“Pebbling” Is TikTok’s New Favorite Relationship Trend

This isn’t really new, but the word is: Have you heard the relationship term “pebbling” yet? It’s hot on TikTok, and it’s based on something PENGUINS do.

Male penguins let females know they’re interested by bringing them a rock. It’s a gift, but also something penguins use to build their nest.

Pebbling for people is similar. But instead of rocks, it’s other small gestures to let them know you care. It could be a cup of coffee, or anything else to brighten their day. But for young people, it’s often texting them a funny MEME.

A relationship expert talked about how “memes are a love language” now. Quote, “It can definitely strengthen a relationship, because it’s similar to sending a message saying, ‘I saw this and thought of you.'”

(Pebbling is also something little kids do a lot. Like if they give you a random leaf they found outside, they’re saying they like you and thought of you.)

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