People Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with Corned Beef . . . Fish & Chips . . . and Carne Asada?

St. Patrick’s Day is this weekend–Sunday!–so you SHOULD be able to avoid being pinched by any of your creepy co-workers.

In a new poll, 65% of Americans say they celebrate by eating traditional and “Irish-inspired” foods on St. Patrick’s Day.

Of those festive people, 40% like corned beef and cabbage, 28% might have fish and chips, 27% would do corned beef on rye, and 24% are into having a Reuben sandwich.

Other popular dishes are:  Shepherd’s pie, soda bread, Irish stew, pastrami on rye, “bangers and mash”, and colcannon, which is mashed potatoes with cabbage or kale.

But here’s the weird part: some people are looking to expand the options by adding “less traditional” foods, like carne asada and spaghetti.  Which, to me, feels like a cop out.  Those are Every Night foods.  Be brave!  Have that corned beef instead!  You aren’t going to have it any other night of the year!

(PR Newswire)

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