When you’re finally ready to tell your boss to SHOVE IT, you really want them to regret what a jerk they were.  So this tracks . . .

A poll found one in eight people have strategically timed their resignation to cause “MAXIMUM DISRUPTION” for their employer.

For example, you’re ready to quit now.  But you know your boss really needs you at that big sales meeting next Thursday . . . so you wait until Wednesday to quit.

Here are a few more stats from the poll . . .

1.  The most common ways we quit are in person, over email . . . and 19% have GHOSTED a boss.  No communication, just gone.  1 in 10 have also quit via text.

2.  Just because you ghost them doesn’t mean you’re totally gone.  More than 10% of us have written an emotionally charged review of a former employer on sites like Glassdoor.  The top five words we use in those reviews are “stressful,” “frustrating,” “disorganized,” “toxic,” and “overworked.”

3.  More than half of us have wanted to YELL or tell our boss off while quitting, but held back.  Even people who’ve done it don’t feel too bad though.  95% of us don’t regret anything we’ve said while quitting a job.

4.  More than one in 10 managers claim someone has yelled at them while quitting, but they didn’t deserve it.

5.  Sometimes we hold back just to be nice.  One in six people have lied in their feedback while quitting to spare their boss’s feelings.

(NewsNation / Preply)

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