RSVPing “No” to Holiday Parties Is Good for Your Health

Hey fellow introverts–and extroverts too!  Got invited to your neighbor’s cousin’s friend’s Christmas party again?  Here’s why it’s okay to RSVP “NO” to that.

A new study found that politely declining invitations to holiday parties can be good for your mental health.

77% of Americans have accepted an invitation to an event they didn’t really want to go to, because it seems rude to say no.  But the study found hosts usually don’t mind as much as we think.

People in the study assumed it would leave the host disappointed, angry, and less likely to invite them to future events.  But that wasn’t the case.

In general, people understand you can’t make it to everything, and we majorly overestimate how upset they’ll be.  They might feel a tad slighted, but they probably won’t hold it against you.

The study found saying no to some of those invites can be good for your mental health if it helps you avoid holiday BURNOUT.  Just don’t be a grinch and skip them all.  Socializing in general is good for your mental health.

(APA / StudyFinds)

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