Science Says Watching Sports Is Good for Your Mental Health

I mean…  I’ve seen how people act about sports.  Especially college sports.  And my evidence to the contrary is only anecdotal, but–a new study in Japan found that watching sports boosts our mental health and generally makes us happier human beings!

Researchers scanned people’s brains while they watched various sports and found it activated the “reward circuits” in their brain, which are linked to feelings of pleasure and happiness.

They also found that people who regularly watch a lot of sports have more gray matter in those areas, which suggests it might even change your brain structure over time.

Quote, “For those seeking to enhance their overall well-being, regularly watching sports [can] serve as an effective remedy.”

I’m going to have to remember this one the next time some Europeans light a whole city block on fire after a soccer game.

(Waseda University / Good News Network)

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