“Social Norms” That People Are Sick of: Bad Driving, Phones, Donuts

If I asked you what “social norms” you were sick of, you’d probably say TIPPING before I could finish the question.  Which is fine . . . the “rules” are irritating . . . but for many people, getting tips is a GREAT thing.  People on social media are talking about “widely accepted societal norms” that are “overrated or harmful.”  The responses were a little darker, but some people made good points.  Here are a few:

1.  Not valuing changing one’s mind . . . instead, we admire those who stick to their beliefs and are consistent over long periods of time, no matter what they learn or how they evolve as a person.

2.  Monetizing and quantifying everything, even hobbies.  Basically, not doing anything just because you enjoy it.  It’s more about finding a way to earn money from stuff . . . or doing it just to post a photo on Instagram.

3.  The invasion of people’s personal lives.

4.  The normalization (and even celebration) of unsafe driving.

5.  “Hustle culture” and bragging about not sleeping.  Pushing yourself into an unhealthy lifestyle just to try to do more than everyone else.

6.  The expectation of constant availability.

7.  Letting kids have cell phones.  Several “bad” social norms involve phones . . . so some say that it’s problematic to get kids attached to them too soon.

8.  Any type of political view becoming your whole identity.  Also, “the idea that there is only one right opinion or one right side to something.”  One person said, “It’s dumb to think any modern issue is black and white or is only driven by hateful motives.  Nuance needs to have its place again.”  And another person added, “People having an opinion on everything, and expecting everyone else to as well.”

9.  The blatant spreading of misinformation.  Especially by people who know better, and are supposed to be trustworthy.  And especially when they’re only doing it to boost their own influence or to push their own agenda.

10.  Sprinkles on donuts.  One person said, “They don’t add any flavor and just make a gigantic mess and stain your fingers.”


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