The 10 Super Bowl Foods That Bring “Good Luck”… and “Bad Luck”

Most people are looking for GOOD LUCK on Super Bowl Game Day.  Maybe you’re a fan of the Niners or the Chiefs, maybe you have MONEY on the game, or maybe you’re just hoping for the whole thing to be over quickly, without anyone making a big mess.

According to new data, 44% of people apparently have Game Day superstitions involving FOOD.  And it’s serious enough that 85% of those people either MUST have certain foods–or REFUSE to have others–on Game Day.

So which foods are good luck and which are bad luck?

Most people said that PIZZA is their go-to Super Bowl food for GOOD luck.  Hot dogs are second, followed by burgers… chips… popcorn… chicken wings… ice cream… chicken sliders… cupcakes… and cookies.

As for the BAD luck foods, DEVILED EGGS are #1.  Garlic bread is the second-most avoided Game Day food, followed by salsa and queso dip… ice cream… chicken wings… mozzarella sticks… mini-burgers… trail mix… pretzels… and pasties, which are meat pies.

So, some people find ice cream and chicken wings to be good luck and others consider them curses.


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