Taylor Swift’s Netflix documentary, “Miss America” debuted at the Sundance Film Festival and because she rarely reveals intimate details about her life on social media, “Miss America” is a treat for those trying to get to know Taylor better.

One of the more shocking revelations was her struggle with an eating disorder. Taylor says she doesn’t look at paparazzi pictures due to overly judging her body, leading her to sometimes starve herself.

Taylor says she wishes she would’ve spoken out against Donald Trump in 2106 and asked for forgiveness from her father after she tweeted about Republican Senate candidate, Marsha Blackburn, her team and family felt the move could put her danger or the President could come after her, “[Screw] that,” Swift replies. “I don’t care.”

The doc also shows how Taylor lived to be liked as a child, often writing about it in journals, she admits that during her beef with Kanye people thought she was evil, which was something that was hard for her to deal with.

Other topics discussed in “Miss America” was her 2015 sexual assault by a disc jockey, her attraction to Joe Alwyn, her readiness for kids and her not eating a burrito until she was 26. What part of Taylor’s life are you most interested in?

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