The Average Pet Owner Has Six “Pet Panics” a Month

How many times a day do you worry about your pets?  A new poll found the average is three times a day.  And a typical pet owner goes into “PET PANIC” mode six times a month.  So, once every five days.

Most of the stuff we worry about doesn’t end up being serious.  The top pet panic causes are unexpected puking . . . seeing them fall off a chair, or something high up . . . and when your dog slips its leash, or your cat tries to run out the door.

Other causes include:  They don’t want to eat . . . they don’t come when you call their name . . . they’re not as playful as usual . . . and they DO get outside, or escape the yard.

When we’re not home, our top worries are:  Did they get into the trash, or something they’re not supposed to be in?  Are they sad or lonely right now?  Are they hungry?  And could they have gotten outside?

A company called Tractive that makes pet GPS trackers did the survey, and here’s a fun last question to end on . . .

If your cat or dog did escape and have a night out on their own, do you think they’d ENJOY themselves?  60% of pet owners said yes!

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