The Government Will Try to Break Up Live Nation and Ticketmaster

You probably kinda saw this one coming:  According to several media reports, the U.S. Justice Department is going to file an antitrust lawsuit today to break up Live Nation and Ticketmaster.

The DOJ says Live Nation has used unfair means to squash competition in the live event ticketing industry . . . and if you’ve ever been to a live event, you probably agree.

Back in 2010, when Live Nation merged with Ticketmaster, it actually promised the DOJ that it wouldn’t punish concert venues that use competing ticket platforms.  They may not have been entirely honest in that moment.

And just as a little reminder, Ticketmaster owns between 70% and 80% of the market for primary ticket sales in the U.S.  So if this goes through, perhaps a little competition will make going to shows a little more affordable again!


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