This year’s most expensive Thanksgiving dinner will set you back $181,000 which is about 3,700 times more expensive than the average American Thanksgiving meal.

You can get it at Old Homestead Steakhouse in NYC. Last year they sold 3 of their $150,000 dinners which came with a 2018 Maserati. So why not go bigger this year?!?

It feeds up to 12 people and includes two free-range turkeys that cost $145 PER POUND (because they’re gold-painted, gold-dusted and gold-flaked…obviously).

You also get a 7-day yacht cruise.

Other over-the-top inclusions: golden caviar ($1600 per ounce) and gravy infused with a cognac that costs $3,650 per bottle.

Here’s a look at the world’s most expensive Thanksgiving dinner from last year:

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