Yesterday was National Snack Day, which you probably celebrated whether you realized it or not . . . and whether you wanted to or not.

A market research company released a map that shows the most-searched-for SNACK in every U.S. state . . . and the results were pretty bland.

Rice Krispies Treats were #1 in 18 different states . . . Doritos was the preferred snack in 16 states . . . and Cheetos was the top snack in eight states.  So 42 of 50 states picked one of those three.

There were a few SLIGHTLY more unique picks:  Fritos and Chex Mix both carried three states . . . Lay’s potato chips were the top pick in two states . . . and New Jersey went with Cheerios.

That adds up to 51, because they included Washington, D.C.  A few other favorites that didn’t rank Number One, but made the Top Five in a number of states are:  Goldfish, Pringles, Tostitos, Starburst, and Chips Ahoy.

(The Pioneer Woman)

(Here’s the map, with the Top Five in each state.)

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