The Next Hot New Dating Trend: “Bottle Night”?

It’s hard to believe there could be a new dating trend that can happen AT HOME . . . after a year of pandemic quarantine creativity . . . but this guy has a brilliant idea.

His name is Collin, and in a post on Twitter he said that he and his girlfriend “invented” it during a blizzard in Buffalo last year.  It’s called “Bottle Night” . . . and it’s pretty simple.

He said, quote, “We lock our phones away, turn the TV off . . . [we] each grab a bottle of wine, and talk.  That’s it, we simply talk and enjoy each other’s presence.  We live together, but it’s easy to miss out on ‘quality time.'”

So they put down their phones and get hammered together.  (Although, they cheated a little to get a selfie of themselves on “Bottle Night.”)

The post went viral . . . and some people are poking fun, saying things like, “This guy discovered ‘hanging out.'”

It’s unclear how serious he was . . . but he was probably being tongue-in-cheek.

In the comments below, he plugged his business . . . showed off some “Bottle Night” swag he designed . . . boasted about trying to go viral . . . and joked around with people.  So, even if he WAS straight-up to start, that’s no longer the case.

Also:  There was no mention of having to FINISH the bottle.


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