The One-Word Text Message That’s the Worst to Receive?

People have a lot of opinions about getting one-word texts . . . especially when you consider the punctuation.  Like texting “yup” with a period, or “great” without an exclamation point.  Or just “fine,” “okay,” or even “yes.”  Is the other person mad?  Are they being passive aggressive?

Then there’s the dreaded office message that just says, “Hey” . . . there’s no indication of what you’re getting yourself into, so it can induce anxiety.

But a new article says the WORST one-word text you can send is . . . “Sure.”

A comedian recently shared a screenshot of a text where her brother said, “sure” to something . . . and she said, “If [you’re] bringing ‘sure’ attitude, then let’s not do it.”  The brother said “LOL,” and she replied, “I’m not kidding, lol.”

Over 800,000 people have seen the post, and it got more than 11,000 likes.

Some agree . . . saying “sure” can sound passive-aggressive.

But others don’t understand, arguing “sure” is an “easy and breezy” affirmative . . . and “shouldn’t be associated with sarcasm and attitude.”

There’s no science to back it up as the WORST text, but a sociolinguist from Georgetown University says, “‘Sure’ is sort of indecisive, or has kind of a hesitant quality to it . . .

“Like, ‘Do you want to go to the movies?’  ‘Sure.’  So do you really want to go?”

She also says that it could be a generational thing . . . with younger people expecting more emotion and enthusiasm in texts.

And the comedian says that’s part of her feeling too.  She said, “Asking someone to hang out for me is a vulnerable move.  So when I’m getting that ‘sure’ [vibe], I’m like, ‘Alright, [eff] it.  I’m not doing it.'”

(Huff Post)

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