What Are You Better at Than 80% of People?

Sometimes there’s too much emphasis on being THE BEST . . . or at least NOT THE WORST.  But you really just need to be in the 80th percentile.

People are talking about the things they’re BETTER at than 80% of people . . . and the best responses have been:

1.  “Picking the slowest line at the store.”

2.  “Chess.”  The person said, “I’m not that good, but 80%?  That’s a low bar.”

3.  “Looking you directly in the face while you’re talking . . . and not hearing a single thing.”

4.  “Having a very good internal clock.  I don’t need an alarm clock to wake up.”

5.  “Handwriting.”  (Which is apparently still a thing for some people.)

6.  “Minding my own business.”  (I do wish more people were better at this.)

7.  “Finding misplaced commas in a sentence.”

8.  “Parallel parking.”

9.  “Blowing tiny spit bubbles off the tip of my tongue.”

10.  “Untangling things.”  The person said, “Corded headphones . . . Christmas lights . . . tiny chained necklaces . . . you name it.”

11.  “Throwing a frisbee.”

12.  “[Complaining].”  (They actually said the B-word, which is both funnier . . . and a VERY competitive category.)

13.  And someone said, “I have an odd talent for judging volume.  I can look at a pot of leftover soup and know exactly which container to grab to put it in the fridge with minimal headspace.”


Wouldn’t it be awesome if we could somehow get percentile stats on random stuff like this to post on dating apps and résumés?  Who cares about life goals when you could learn that someone is, say, 93rd percentile at packing leftovers efficiently!

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