What Outdated Tech Are You Still Using, and Are “Perfectly Happy” With?

Some people are “early adopters” of tech . . . others are still flipping through the channel guide on their TV, trying to find “The Netflix Channel.”

There’s a thread on Reddit where people are talking about the outdated tech they’re still using . . . and they’re still perfectly happy with.  Here are a few of the best responses:

1.  A notepad and pen.

2.  Watches that just tell the time . . . maybe the date too.

3.  A calculator, with buttons and a screen.  (Maaaaan, I had so, so many games on my TI-83+ back in high school.  Those were the days.)

4.  Physical media . . . DVDs, CDs, video games, books, textbooks, et cetera.  (ESPECIALLY when your favorites get de-listed.)

5.  A lot of people mentioned previous video gaming systems.  (I still have mine, and–room temp take incoming–a lot of them are more fun than modern gaming.)

6.  A hand-crank can opener.

7.  A motor-less lawnmower.  (I can understand the simplicity of some old tools, but this depends on your situation.  You aren’t going to mow an acre or more with a motor-less push mower.)

8.  A radio.  Hey, thanks!  🙂

9.  Paper maps.

10.  And one person said, “Call me crazy, but I still read by hand dipped candle light.”

How about you?  Is there any “old tech” you still enjoy using more than its more modern, digital, Subscription Required To Use This Function counterpart?

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